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Is Dynamice available in different flavours?
At the moment the delicious cherry flavour is the only one. But we’re working on others! Let us know what other flavour you would like Dynamice to have!

Where can I get Dynamice?
You can buy Dynamice at an increasing amount of stores, snackbars and gasstations. And ofcourse you’ll find us at the best parties, events and festivals! Check the website for sellingpoints and upcoming festivals.

Is Dynamice available at supermarkets?
Not yet, but who knows …

Is Dynamice for kids?
Dynamice gives you an energy boost because there’s caffeine inside. It’s better young children don’t consume caffeine. You’ll find caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate and energy drinks.

Hoe does caffeine affect you?
Caffeine has a stimulating effect on your concentration and performance. It can have a positive and negative influence on your body.
You can experience a feeling of increasing energy and less fatigue. Depending on the person, too much caffeine can cause restlessness and heart palpitations. Caffeine can be harmful when consumed during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. Young children are advised not to use caffeine.

How many Dynamice ice-sticks can I consume during the day?
Because of the caffeine inside we advise you to consume no more than 4 ice-sticks on one day. That’s about the same as two tins of energy drink. Or 4 average cups of coffee.

Does Dynamice have the same effect as an energy drink?
Absolutely! Two ice-sticks can give you the same energy boost as one tin of energy drink. The only difference: our energy ice-stick is a lot tastier than most drinks!

Are there real cherries inside Dynamice?

Dynamice is made with a cherry-extract. This contains several vitamins.